Johnny English Strikes Again

Johnny English strikes again. I found it most interesting and wonderful that I saw this hilarious comedy on Dyspraxia awareness week. As I am sat cosying up in my plush, comfy seat, I hear the roar of laughter surround me. He clambers around just like the rest of us. I do not want to give away any spoilers, but he does cause a fire by knocking over a bottle of wine, he traps himself in the car by accidentally opening the self-inflating boat and ends up stranded, when he forgets to fuel his car. This film does overplay the stereotypes that frustrate many dyspraxics, admittedly, even myself sometimes. However, this film is wonderful because in this film he has a dear friend who loves him, despite his quirks and he always achieves his goal in the end. Johnny English strikes again is a wonderful film and if people were to ask me of any characters that show dyspraxic traits, I would definitely recommend the Johnny English series. While, it is frustratingly stereotypical of who we are. It reminds us that we achieve fantastic results, we just have a more scenic journey, a more fun route of getting there. It shows us we can have friends who love us dearly and who will support us no matter what. Boff supports Johnny in life and death situations and is incredibly patient with him. It is a wonderful film to show us we can do anything!

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Amy Boland
Amy is a trainee teacher from Birmingham who has not been formally diagnosed with Dyspraxia but shows many traits.
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