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My name is Perry born in Kent in a town called Medway and being diagnosed with Dyspraxia from a young age. I had trouble with one side of my body as my sides would not work as a pair I took up physio to help this and to be told I would never have full use of my left side of my body I also had trouble at school writing and copying ect and was never a bright kid.

I then decided and with the encouragement of my mother and father to try and get involved in activities to help with my cordination. I took part in martial arts after watching bruce lee I started this at 7 years old util 9 years old didnt do to bad found it hard but got through gradings and collect a few belts I also plyed football in junior school and did as well as I could and also learned how to ride my nans horse which was something I really enjoyed.

From the age of 9 I took up boxing after my father coming from a boxing backgrond which was to also aid my movement my father brought me a pair of gloves and some pads so he could start training me. With in a few months my left side improved so I took up the plunge and went to a boxing club which I still take part in today at the age of 26.


I finally gave up all activities due to getting to tired with dyspraxia and decided to just concentrate on boxing I started at a club but didnt make a lot of progress due to dyspraxia but from the encouragement of my father I changed clubs and had a complete restart . Due to dyspraxia I found this hard to get on balance and to work my hands with my feet but a dedicated trainer believed in me and said I want you to do what others in the gym can do hours and hours on end I practised on one thing at times and wanted to give up at times but never did. I found a lot of movements hard such as skipping but stuck with it and am now able to skip no problem.

Going back to the age of 16 I decided to become a coach and help others which I successfully completed level 1 and 2 coaching course which would able me to open my own club if I wanted to. I still actively do this today and help many.


At the age of 17 after working a year as a swimming pool lifeguard I decided to take a path in fitness instructing which I landed a job in the gym i the liesure centre I worked in. It was tough to do this and was a battle as I stuggled with theory exams as my short term memory is poor despite this I stuck with it and finally got there to later on teaching spin classes also. A year later I thought lets do it and just went for it and did my personal training course which I struggled again with theory but again stuck to it after many attempts and got there. I then went on to helping many others and still do today also teaching hit classes and circuit classes.

I currently  do personal training part-time and full time dustman as I wanted to have more time to focus on boxing and working on myself but still help and personal train others.

My trophy collection – bigger now than when this was taken!

Me celebrating with my dad after a big fight.

Training a client.

Staying in shape for me makes day to day life and tasks easier and to fight depression which I have suffered with as a result of living of my Dyspraxia.

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Perry Ripley
Perry is a qualified personal trainer and boxing coach from Medway in Kent. He was diagnosed with Dyspraxia at a young age and began boxing to help improve his hand-eye co-ordination.
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