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The Burnout – Dyspraxia and Mental Health

I’ve previously talked about my academic development and the effects that dyspraxia had on my journey. I am now 7 months on from my graduation and 9 months on from submitting my thesis so this will be a personal account on how my post-education experience has been.


Recently I’ve found myself to be mentally burned out, and here are a few reasons why.


I left college with a degree and a wealth of experience in event management from helping out with local community events to travelling to both Germany and Holland to partake in different exchange programs revolving around business development and event management. On top of this, I’ve also recently been involved in a great internship which helped me develop even further.


However, I seem to struggle to convey the impact of this experience in interviews and the result of this is always the same. 


I don’t end up getting the job and most of the time I don’t get feedback on how I can improve myself for the next job application.


While I can convey confidence in interviews, where I struggle is with expressing my experience in a business mindset. I could have a 20-minute conversation with the interviewer and not even come close to ticking any boxes. 


This is something that a lot of dyspraxics struggle with, we’re quirky yet we struggle to express ourselves in conventional means.


The job searching progress has lately turned into a never-ending chore with no clear result at the end of it all.


I also have the added pressure of the majority of my friends and family securing full-time employment while I seem to be lagging behind. This results in me scrambling to find things to do to pad out my day and keep myself occupied.


One thing I like to do is work on music, I enjoy writing as it’s an amazing form of expression and also an enjoyable way to past time. 


However, I’ve noticed my creativity has been zapping away as of late, resulting in my motivation to work on music dwindling.


Overall, I’ve felt my confidence and motivation slip with every failed job application coupled with the pressure to succeed quickly and this has resulted in a complete burnout.


Have you ever suffered burnout or struggled with your mental health due to your Dyspraxia?


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Ryan is an Irish musician who has struggled with Dyspraxia from a very young age but remains undiagnosed.
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