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Hi everyone

The uncertainty and unease all of us face in our daily lives has ramped up massively in the last few weeks and our usual routines have been drastically changed. There is a lot we simply cannot control and the amount of advice and information is dizzying both official and floating about by word of mouth and online. A recent article suggests that we are all grieving for the ‘normality’ that we previously had.

I’ve seen various posts asking Does Dyspraxia affect the immune system? Do we fall under the category of people with Learning Disabilities who must stay in and not visit public places and try to stay 6ft away from all other people where possible?

There is a lot of conflicting information on this. Some of it emanate from the poor quality journalism on websites that carry already carry misleading and frightening information.

Some of us do have separate co-occurring conditions, for example asthma which mean we should do all we reasonably can to follow the advice of the Government and NHS or your own countries authorities.


What you can do If you’re self isolating at home 

Try to have  maintain a routine where you get up and get dressed. Have something for breakfast lunch and tea

If it is permitted where you live, Go out for a daily walk staying a sensible distance from others

If you live with other people give each other space and remember that they’re on edge too, quite likely worried for us and themselves too. Sometimes caring can make us a little short tempered or we mishear what others say or they misinterpret us due to the difficulty we can have expressing what we mean. 

Do watch cat videos, Forgotten Weapons, comedy or whatever else provides you with a welcome break from the rolling news coverage. It is suggested that you avoid constantly watching the news.    

Look at projects you can do like spring cleaning your kitchen cupboards or tidying your home. Please be cautious if dust and/or household chemicals are liable to set off your asthma and as always, take your time and take care.

Please do stay in touch with/reach out to other folk you know by phone /text and other electronic means.

We’re all one big family even though we are individually unique. 

If you happen to work or volunteer in the NHS or any other organisation, wherever in the world and in whatever capacity to help others’ get through this, we thank you from the bottom of all our our hearts.

Together we can get through this!


This article is written primarily with a UK audience in mind. Please seek local advice where appropriate

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Tom was diagnosed with Dyspraxia c1988 by an Educational Psychologist around about the same time the Dyspraxia Foundation was founded. Nobody bothered to explain it to him, or possibly just as likely he wasn’t/wouldn’t have listened. About 20 Years later it was all explained to him and he started to understand that it was more than just his visual impairment and he became less hard on himself for his perceived failures but is still a frustrated perfectionist.
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