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Author: chloe-alice

Chloe is a 24 year old dyspraxic who is currently studying for an undergraduate degree in Cultural Studies & Media. She was diagnosed at age 21 after years of struggling in school. Since receiving her diagnosis she has read a great deal about dyspraxia and neurodiversity even running her own blog Deviant Dyspraxic. She is determined to show people that dyspraxia is a strength NOT a weakness and is motivated in her studies by her diagnosis. Her goal is to raise as much awareness as possible and this begins with her dissertation which is based around neurodiversity. Though she doesn’t know what the future holds, she hopes to be a teacher in the future and possibly write books for neurodivergent children and teens. Look forward to blog posts on Dyspraxia & Life from Chloe


    Hello folks! I am Chloe, a 24-year-old dyspraxic and dyslexic woman from the UK. I, along with many other neurodivergent women, received my diagnoses in adulthood after years of emotional, academic and social difficulties which I could never explain. For my entire life, I was the odd woman out and had to work […]

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