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Author: tom-myob

Tom was diagnosed with Dyspraxia c1988 by an Educational Psychologist around about the same time the Dyspraxia Foundation was founded. Nobody bothered to explain it to him, or possibly just as likely he wasn’t/wouldn’t have listened. About 20 Years later it was all explained to him and he started to understand that it was more than just his visual impairment and he became less hard on himself for his perceived failures but is still a frustrated perfectionist.

Coronavirus Outbreak A message to all

Hi everyone The uncertainty and unease all of us face in our daily lives has ramped up massively in the last few weeks and our usual routines have been drastically changed. There is a lot we simply cannot control and the amount of advice and information is dizzying both official and floating about by word of […]

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As a community we’re really diverse and no two of us are exactly the same. We’re affected differently and to varying degrees by a condition that is the very devil to define and describe (especially so given our condition). We’ve all trodden different paths to get to where we are. Having lived with dyspraxia and […]

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Tom writes about an internet forum for Dyspraxic adults which was founded in the days before social media and is still alive and kicking.

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Tom talks about how living with dyspraxia has challenged his perception of himself and his masculinity.

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