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Growing up with dyspraxia can be a very lonely place at times – particularly if you grew up in a time where it was almost unheard of or you were the only one among your peers who had it. It was my, as I am sure countless others’, experience that there was an endless amount […]

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A Brief intro to Dyspaxia The neurons (cells that transport signals around the brain and to the body) of dyspraxic people work in a consistently different way to people who are not dyspraxic. There are many things that may cause this difference; not getting enough oxygen at birth, brain injury, infection, but a lot of […]

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Dyspraxia and Self-Esteem

You do something well, and somebody congratulates you. “It was just luck, a fluke,” you say.   You try something else but it doesn’t work out. “Typical. I screwed up again. I’m always messing things up!” you tell yourself.   Your friend tries something, and it doesn’t work out for them. Do you say the […]

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1.  In the years before I had a clue what Dyspraxia was, my twin brother commented as I munched on a sandwich. He said I was eating it with the concentration and focus of someone trying to dismantle a bomb. To the untrained eye, there’s not much that goes into eating a BLT. To me, […]

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Dyspraxia Stories: Losing My Suitcase

I’ve often left my house wondering if I had my keys, if I locked the door and if I brushed my teeth. I usually find my keys in my pocket, taste the mint in the mouth then pray I locked the door before getting on with my day. Two common things for me and my […]

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Discovering Dyspraxia – A piece on self-identity

It is date night for me and my husband. This time it’s his turn to choose, and he picks laser tag. I am apprehensive, as I have limited experience with the game and this is the first time I’ll be playing with a group of strangers.   After paying, we are led into a small […]

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