Hi everyone The uncertainty and unease all of us face in our daily lives has ramped up massively in the last few weeks and our usual routines have been drastically changed. There is a lot we simply cannot control and…

Dyspraxia & Elections

They say running for public office is one of the hardest things you can do. You need to be brave enough to put your name on the ballot, thick-skinned to deal with the abuse that you may get and have…

Download our ‘What is Dyspraxia/DCD’ awareness poster

You can now download our ‘What Is Dyspraxia/DCD’ poster. Feel free to download, print it off and use as you like. Here’s to more people learning about Dyspraxia and the huge variety of potential traits. dyspraxia poster Please follow and…

Johnny English Strikes Again

Johnny English strikes again. I found it most interesting and wonderful that I saw this hilarious comedy on Dyspraxia awareness week. As I am sat cosying up in my plush, comfy seat, I hear the roar of laughter surround me….

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