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My phone rang abruptly. It was the very polite assistant to Emma Lewell-Buck, the MP for South Shields. Our scheduled interview time was a no-goer. Schedule change. She now needed to be somewhere. ‘This kind of thing must happen all the time for an MP’ I thought to myself . Her assistant spoke again, “but she can do now, if you’re free?”.

I gladly accepted and armed with my mobile and dictaphone took to a nearby park to wait for her call. Shortly after setting up camp in a small South London park, my phone buzzed. Below is the conversation we had.

Yesterday I had the absolute privilege of speaking to Emma Lewell-Buck the Labour MP for South Shields and the Shadow…

Posted by Pete Guest on Friday, 12 October 2018

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  1. Hi, great interview and Emma describing her experience rang a lot of bells wih me sounding out my own experiences and difficulties.
    She’s right it’s in no way just our coordination it’s sequencing and getting thoughts together to speak or write.
    Her struggle to organise herself and over prepping particularly and her difficulties with distractions in peripheral vision and noise and touch.. but mostly loosing train of thought and the part about not getting over small negatives and them rankling over and over in her brain … so like me even years later exhoes of bad comments every time the same situation comes up…
    She’s also right about how so many dyspraxic ( and dyslexic and ASD ) people have a novel unique and invovative persective .. how we can come up with outside the box solutions and bring together random things into a new synergy ( in my case as a scientist melding areas of research that narrow minded specialists struggle to keep apart)
    It’s great to hear her and your experiences.
    Thank you 😊


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