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Dyspraxia Stories: Losing My Suitcase

I’ve often left my house wondering if I had my keys, if I locked the door and if I brushed my
teeth. I usually find my keys in my pocket, taste the mint in the mouth then pray I locked the door
before getting on with my day.

Two common things for me and my dyspraxia are my tendency to second guess pretty much
everything and my tendency to just forget.

This leaves me very nicely into my story:

For a bit of context, it was February of 2016, I had just gotten off a train and was
experiencing my first solo travel. Not exactly solo, I had college friends with me, we were in
Germany for the most intense week’s work of our academic lives.

“Don’t lose anything Ryan.”

“Yeah, no promises ma.”

For the whole time, I remember in the back of my head just repeating “don’t lose your
suitcase, whatever you do, lose anything else, just not your suitcase”.

As you can tell by the headline, lost it I did.

So because our lecturers were aware a lot of us were new to travelling, we were given a
buddy system.
This buddy system meant people were put in groups of twos and had to look out for each
other, by chance I was put in a group of three due to there being an odd number of people,
and if I’m honest, I could do with the extra hand so I was relieved.

Now, one thing that I always find is that when I’m rushed, I get overwhelmed, and I forget
things. So, I got rushed off my train and in a panic, I left my suitcase on the train.
For the first few seconds, I was so overwhelmed and happy to be in Germany that I didn't
even notice I left my suitcase on the train.

I hear shouting behind me and I turn around and there’s one of my buddies with my suitcase
in her hand.

My face dropped, on one hand, I was delighted by the act of pure kindness, on the other, I
was absolutely mortified that the one thing I tried to prepare myself to not do happened.
Is this my only story of a lost item?

As you can see, I’m prone to losing things when in a panic, as do a lot of people who suffer
with dyspraxia.

There’s nothing worse either, a lot of us feel incompetent when it happens, we blame
ourselves, we beat ourselves up, we get overwhelmed with anxiety.
Although I enjoy making light of these scenarios, there are plenty of irreplaceable items I
have lost (5 student cards after finishing college for a light example) that I wish I could have

Moral of the story? Don’t rush me off a train!
I’d love to hear other people’s experiences of losing possessions, what have you lost?

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  1. So I’ve lost my passport in the US twice Once in Portland Maine 2006 – handed in at Police station after I dropped it in the street. Second time 2008 it kept it slipped in a grey sunglasses wallet for protection so camouflaged on floor of minibus we were travelling. I was so relieved to find it as was convinced I’d be mistaken for a Mexican illegal, be captured and ‘sent back to Mexico’. I now have a wallet with a lanyard so I can stick it round my neck. I also went to the US and having arrived at airport stuck my rucksack down on some seating whilst trying to orientate myself and locate shuttle bus stop when I went out some Out-only doors to try to get my bearings and was separated from my rucksack eek!

    I get pocket panic as I tend to wear clothes with lots of pockets and whilst I try to put things back in same pocket. I invariably do not!


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Ryan is an Irish musician who has struggled with Dyspraxia from a very young age but remains undiagnosed.
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